An Access Audit involves inspecting the built environment to determine compliance with legislation to enable access that is easier, friendlier & healthier to use by everyone.


Access Consultants conducts audits & provides solutions when businesses & individuals take a proactive step to become legally compliant or being compelled by law and or society to be compliant.


Accessibilty is a legal basic human need, enabling independance, social participation, communication and another fundamental principle of …

About Tri Access

 Consultants was founded in 2018 by Igor Rix who, from of a personal encounter, developed a passion for breaking down the barriers to access.

This is enabled by providing assessments and audits on legal accessibility compliance pertaining to premises and the built environment and promoting…

Igor Rix, is an Access Consultant, having studied a Diploma course in Access Consultancy at the Access Institute in Melbourne, Australia and also completed a course in Universal Design: Public Transportation via the Buffalo University, New York, is currently in training under the auspices of Ms Colette Fransolet, founder and director of Inclusive Design (www.inclusivedesign.co.za) , a specialist Universal Design & Access consultancy firm.

Colette is also the South African Representative for GAATES (Global Alliance on Accessible Technologies and Environments) which is a leading international organization dedicated to the promotion of accessibility of the built and virtual environments.

Accessibility is a basic human need and we all have a constitutional right and privilege to participate in all of life’s experiences in some unique way or another and should therefore have barrier free access to enjoy easier, friendlier and healthier environments.”… Igor G. Rix

“There is no greater disability in society than the inability to see a person as more.”

Robert M. Hensel


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